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Friday, August 12, 2005

I Have People!

I have found a Bill Mueller fan site. Faaaaaaaaan Siiiiiiiiiite. Someone, in fact numerous someones, love Billy as much as me. What, you didn't know I love understated, strong, silent, switch-hitting, former batting champ and imminently spankable third baseman Bill Mueller? I do. Very much. He is very probably my favorite Red Sox player and very probably my third (after Javy Lopez and my dear, departed Nomah) favorite baseball player ever. I like how he plays; I like his adorable little bottom, I like his serious, serious face.

Here it is: The Ballplayer Next Door

(courtesy of what is becoming my favorite baseball blog, the fantastic Cursed to First)


Anonymous deedee said...

Check this one out:


your welcome :-P

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