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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Last Leg of the Race

My friend Roland used to say, "everyone wins sixty and loses sixty, it's what you do with the rest of the forty-two games that makes you a champion or a cellar dweller." Well, we've got about forty-six games left in the season so we're at that point where the final pieces are gonna fall into place or not. I think the Red Sox are in good enough shape that they are playoff bound; the greater question is are the Red Sox going to be the champs or the wild card?

To be honest, I think we've got the offense. I don't think anyone's saying that we're don't. It's all a matter of if our pitching can come together. I thought we were doing well enough until yesterday. It's sad when Curt Schilling can't hold onto a three run lead against the Tigers, but if you combine that with the fact that Jaret Wright came back for the Yankees and looked very sharp and all of a sudden you've got trouble.

Were will this go? Who knows. Tonight Papelbon gets the nod for the Sox and I have to admit, he makes me feel better than Wade Miller has been of late.

No matter how the rest of this season goes we can hold our head high knowing that we're not in the NL West, now there's an utter collapse of talent. I don't know what's worse: the fact that the Padres are leading the division besides the fact that they are below .500 or that they have a three game lead in their division and are fourteen games ahead of the Rockies?


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