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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day Games

Last night was beautiful. Did it take too long for us to get going? Yeah, but we still did it and that's all that matters. More often than not I'd take an ugly win over a pretty loss.

Today I was disappointed because I wasn't going to be able to watch the game. When you're a Red Sox fan on the West coast, it's very hard to catch any of a day game because it starts at eleven o'clock here. I was hoping to be able to watch us take the rubber band game. So at work I had to keep occasionally checking the scores online. When the eighth inning rolled around, I sat and watched as the game's finale slowly unfolded.

So what happened? We lost. And it was all the more painful cause we came so close to coming back. But it's over now. Now let's start all move on to Anaheim, where hopefully we can recap last year's ALDS. As a Red Sox fan what else is there to do but hope?


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