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Sunday, August 21, 2005

A good day

What a busy couple of days it has been: Bellhorn's gone. Schilling's about to return to starting, we won today and the Yankees lost (with the Big Unit giving up back to back to back home runs, and a total of four home runs over sixteen pitches). It seemed that I was overly optimistic about winning three of the series but that's a small point as we prepare to roll into Kansas City and steamroll the Royals.

I know that we Red Sox fans have a tendancy to be a negative bunch, to play the gloomy gus. So I am actively fighting that. I actually feel quite upbeat. I feel confident that we are going to the post-season and I think we have a geniune shot at a repeat. How incredible will that be? Shut out for eighty-six years and then to win two back-to-back? Am I getting ahead of myself? You bet but that's the beauty of baseball, it allows us to dream and get so involved in those dreams that we manage to ignore everything else.


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