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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finally, some room to breath

We've got three and a half games? Whew. Thank God. I shouldn't be so happy that we swept the Devil Rays. I should feel like it's a given. Although perhaps that's how Yankees' fans are born. They always expect their team to do well. When you approach it like that, all you can feel is disappointment or, at best, that your team is performing up to your expectations. There is no magic, there is no wonder.

Whereas, as a Red Sox fan, I am full of wonder. For example, tonight I was left wondering how John Olerud hit two home runs. This is "an old guy." This is a "contact hitter." Yet, when his team needed him (and to be brutally honest, Bronson needed him even more... it's been a while since he's had a win), this is a guy who stepped up to the plate and delivered. And he delivered big.


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