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Friday, September 30, 2005


So. The game tonight. Wow. Crazy.

After it was over mostlymartha and I played some of the songs from our Red Sox CD mix and then watched the Faith Rewarded NESN video . There is an upside to living on the West coast, after a game you still have hours until you have to go to bed. Although it does mean that the last hour of work is a waste.

Tonight was the first night that I felt like the playoffs were not only coming but that they were here. I've had faith in our boys all year but the season is so long that it was only faith but tonight it was more solid, more real. The fact that Francona was managing it like a playoff game probably helped that feeling (did you see the way he used Bradford-Myers-Timlin to end the game? That's pure playoffs, man).

I know we still got two and potentially even three games left to play but still, I feel great. And I have faith that I shall continue to feel as such.


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