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Friday, September 16, 2005

Back down to 1 1/2

I've had to miss a lot of games this past week and maybe that was a blessing in disguise. The Sox have had some struggles, some injuries (you know what game I didn't miss? Kapler turning second and bursting his Achillies tendon, of course) and some people just not playing up to snuff. Meanwhile the Yankees are on a tear, winning their last four games.

It's been exciting that the playoff chase has included so many teams this year (just look at the NL wild card with three teams in the lead or within a 1/2 game out) but it does do something to add to the heart attack factor. The only sure way to October is to lead the division, although I'd be delighted to just make the playoffs any which way but loose.

Sometimes I start to doubt myself, to listen to some of the people who are now flip-floping and saying the Yankees are going to take the division and that the Sox might not make the playoffs. All I can repeat to myself is the new Red Sox slogan, "Fuck everybody. We're in this together."


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