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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Randy Johnson hasn't been the "Big Unit" this season, not really. The whole situation reminds me of a situation when I was younger and watching a Braves game with my grandfather when Chipper Jones was slumping:

GRANDFATHER: Come on. Get a hit, Larry.
ME: Larry? That's Chipper.
GRANDFATHER: Eh. He's not hitting like a Chipper.

Anyway. Despite Johnson's lack of dominance, he's still 3-0 against the Sox, so something's working better than I hoped it would. Of course yesterday was the man's 42nd birthday, so let's hope that he's lost a little something.

Once again, I won't be able to watch the game because of how early it's coming on but maybe that's for the best. I got to see Schilling take the mound yesterday and dominate, so maybe that's the only game of this series that I had to watch. We're four games up and the Yankees are one and a half games out of the Wild Card run, so who knows.


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