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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last game of the regular season

So the Yankees won the AL East. It is infuriating that it almost doesn't matter what happens today. We could beat them, have the same exact record and they're still the division champs just because they would have a 10-9 record against us (my mind can't help but jump back to the previous Wakefield-Johnson match-up and think that we should've won that one, that it the record should be 9-9 going into today, but that's in the past and I've just got to let it go).

It at least looks like we are heading to the playoffs. The only way we wouldn't is if he lose today and the Indians win and even then we still have to lose the playoff tiebreaker.

I wish that I could say that it was enough. I mean, it's great. It really is. And to be honest I feel like I should be content that we won the World Series last year and that I shouldn't be moaning at all. But all I can say is that sometimes baseball is like a series of really good dectective novels. You read along wanting to figure out how things will all turn out, hoping that the hero will triumph. And can you imagine how you'd feel if the detective in the novel didn't catch the culprit? Personally, I'd gain no solace in the logic of "well, he didn't catch the criminal in this book but he caught the bad guy in the last story so I guess it's all okay."

Every season is a new story and I want every story to have a happy ending.


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