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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pitying the Yankees, interesting...

I really do almost pity the Yankees. They're stuck in this weird state of flux at the moment. They're trying to not sign any more hugely expensive contracts or trade away what little they have left of their farm system. That makes it hard for them to get new players and if you add that the fact that they don't have a huge choice of people to promote from within you end up with them not having the widest selection of players to choose from.

I've also noticed more players turning down the Yankees, choosing not take on the burden that is associated with the team. It appears that people were willing to put up with a lot when the team was almost continual world champions but now, players would rather get a large contract at a medium-sized contending team (and the fact that so many teams are increasing payroll means that there are more and more of such teams out there).

It's hard to get a real serious pity on for the evil empire but I do feel just a twinge of it. Just wait though. They'll do something to earn back my spite.


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