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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I just don't know how to feel, I truly don't. The drastic turn in the Sox lineup, while expected, is still more drastic than I thought it would be. Renteria's gone. Mirabelli's gone. Millar's gone. Graffanino's gone. Mueller's going to be gone. Manny wants out. Wells wants out. Nixon might get traded. Damon might not get resigned.

That's our entire infield, outfield and one starter. It's as if the moment that Theo left, the team started to mutate into this new thing, this goliath that slowly and awkardly is making it's way towards opening day.

I still love the Sox despite themselves but it shouldn't be this hard to love something. It's like your signicant other left the house to get a haircut, one that you might not be crazy about but it means a lot to him or her so you tell yourself that you can deal. Then, when he or she comes back they've shaved their head, gotten a tattoo and sold your car to buy themselves a motorcycle.

I find myself in a bizarre situation I need to not follow the Sox's off-season movements anymore, it only causes me stress and pain. But then what kind of Sox fan would I be if I could not obessively follow them?


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